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"Developer by night. Sounds cool, but it really means that development is not my official day job. I've been a freelance developer for about a year now. A few gigs in front-end and a few gigs as a full stack developer. Ruby on Rails is my comfort zone, but I'm much more interested in full JavaScript stacks. I've been through Udemy's online MEAN course and I'm moving onto ReactJS in the coming months. My traditional education lies in C++ and Java. I took the classical route of studying math and fundamental CS concepts using fundamental languages. Web development wasn't even on my mind until about 2 years ago when I realized it was the best way to contribute to the global wealth of applications and knowledge. So, since then I've been primarily focused on higher level languages and fleshed out frameworks. \n\nIn my free time (does that exist), I study Linux administration. It's currently just a hobby. I study Red Hat, but I don't even use CentOS on my local. I use Mint because I guess I care more about beauty than beast in terms of functionality. "
"Languages: C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, MEAN, Python (a little), C# (a little)\n\nProgramming Concepts: OOP, CRUD, SCRUM\n\nMiscellaneous: Linux administration (Red Hat, Kali, and Ubuntu systems), Photoshop, Mathematics, Copy writer, SEO"

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