Managing problems

We hope you’re here for purely educational reasons rather than actually having a problem, but ultimately, is built around people and trust, and sometimes people can’t be held to the level that we wish we could. Here are some tips for dealing with problems of all shapes and sizes, and of course, please reach out to us for absolutely anything. If you want help within a project you can press the panic button on the chat page in the Mission Control of your project, as pictured below.

An image of the panic button

At any point you can get a dedicated support personnel into your project’s chat. Direct message them or get them into a channel to discuss any problems you may be having.

Communication is key

Because is all about bringing people together and collaborating, you can imagine that most of the advice we can give, when it comes to people issues, revolves around communication. We fundamentally believe that creates such a mutual environment to work together, that simply reaching out and talking to people can solve a great many number of problems.