Advice for Contributors

On this page you’ll find some tips for if you’re contributing to a project and are having some issues within the project or with the creator.


Projects in are structured in such a way that no one individual or group of individuals can gain too much control over a project. However, sometimes as a contributor you’re at a disadvantage, particularly if you’re having issues with the project creator. Here are some tips should you need some help.

Creators treating others unfairly

This can take many forms, from unfairly allocating tasks, to excluding individuals from the project or discussions. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to invite a member of into the project chat and to direct message them. To do this go to the “Chat” page in the project’s Mission Control and press “Add helper”. The name of the helper will then display in the box. Go to the chat application found at and send a direct message to the new support user who was added. Anything you say will be kept confidential and these personnel can mediate situations and offer advice.

An image of the panic button

At any time you can add a helper into the project’s chat, with whom you can have a confidential conversation.

Profits not being distributed equitably

It is required of any project built using to distribute all external profits through the Payroll feature, unless unanimously agreed otherwise by all members of the project. When such a time comes as to be able to log expenses in the platform, then all externally acquired revenue must be paid in via the Payroll system. You can see a Creator’s Obligations to you here.

If this is not the case, get in contact with support. On top of this, rally your fellow contributors and do what you can to reach out to the creator as a collective. Ultimately you’re all in it together and everyone needs everyone to make it a success.


Please note that soon we’ll have legal templates for you to use to protect your IP. This section will be updated when more information is available.