Crowdsourcer.io is an alternative crowd sourcing platform that allows developers and designers alike to create or join in on software related projects, build up their contribution and earn an income from the final product. Think of Crowdsourcer.io as taking the collaboration of open source software creation and mixing it with products you can sell, meaning equitable earning potential for all. Read more

Some Cool Projects

Local Lawyer

Connect lawyers with other lawyers to make appearances in court.

Everything Goes! The Game Where ANYTHING Can Happen!

Compete against friends to complete tasks to win cards. First team to win 5 cards, wins the game! Designed for EVERYTHING to be changed


Jodono is an arbitrage tool that makes juggling cryptocurrencies simpler by providing powerful automated trading tools.

Wardrobe Studio

Are you dressed your best? Use Wardrobe Studio: create your profile, chat with dress-bot, look your best at everywhere!

Tricolonization Coin

The best form of money to help make a sustainable lifestyle possible for everyone.

Scout Scanner

Scout Scanner is a mobile app where by football managers and coaches can search for desired players for their team in local areas.

We know, there's a lot to take in

We've built a massive knowledge base to cover all aspects of Crowdsourcer.io. It's called The Nucleus, and though it's a little daunting to look at at first, you can use it like a reference book or documentation.