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Crowdsourcer.io is a web platform where people can collaborate on projects and earn a fair share of the profits based on their contribution.

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Turn passion projects into products. Faster.

Crowdsourcer.io sheds the traditional business model, focussing on collaboration and sharing profits based on contribution rather than financial investment.

No funding or investment required

Everyone contributing to the project gets a share of the profits in return for their contributions. It's that simple. Never raise another seed round again!

Source high quality talent

With Crowdsourcer.io, you don't need to hire full-time employees or use freelancing websites which are swamped with low-level talent. Work closely with talented, like-minded individuals instead.

Never compromise on ambition

When you're not burning through cash and have access to unlimited talent, you truly are limited only by your ideas. By removing finance, you also remove budgets and constraints.

Here are some of the staff picks.

Felicity Toad

There will be characters, plot-twists and songs as Felicity must leave Lake Eden and enter the unknown forests beyond!

The Drumbeat Belly - A Modern Mythology in Comic Form

This project is akin to 'Hellboy', plus 'Rising Stars' on acid! It follows a demonic genetic legacy, from conception to its death.

Local Lawyer

Connect lawyers with other lawyers to make appearances in court.

Break Free

A prototype for the first fully conversational adventure game. You are stuck in an alien planet can you escape back to your ship alive?

Scout Scanner

Scout Scanner is a mobile app where by football managers and coaches can search for desired players for their team in local areas.

The Pay Gap

An anonymous way to connect with peers and start open and honest conversations about salary. Empower yourself and get paid.

Startable - Business Management Platform | Work Smarter

Startable is a Project Management, CRM & Invoicing Platform cleverly built on AI, designed for small businesses.

Everastecs (MMO)

Combat Building, Stat Resource Managing, Dark Fantasy. With a story that exceeds through multiple expansions. A original fantasy.

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Work on projects

Contribute to projects and get paid fairly.

Crowdsourcer.io is completely reimagining the way ideas are brought to life. We are bringing talent together from all over the world.

Work flexibly on as many projects as you like

Develop your skills, engage with like-minded people and become a part of cool new projects - working as much or as little as you like, on projects you're interested in.

Earn a share of the profits based on contribution

As you contribute to projects, you'll earn Contribution Points. It's these that determine how large a share of the profit everyone in the project will get - including the project's creator. Even if you contribute just one hour, you'll get a guaranteed - albeit small - share of the profits should the project make it to sale.

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Gone are the days of seed rounds and financial strain. Get paid fairly for your efforts instead of watching profits go right to the top. Crowdsourcer.io will bring a new, sustainable and equitable structure to businesses.