Mission Control

Mission Control is where it’s all going down. Here you’ll find a quick overview of each major section to get you going.


This simply houses an overview of what’s going on in the project, with a message of the day and your current tasks. You can click on your positions to jump straight into the task sections for those positions.


Here you can view, undertake, review and complete tasks. For more information on tasks see: Tasks.


Here you can see all the details of sales, refunds and more. You can also view your outstanding balance and share of the project’s profits.


From here you can access the chat application powered by Mattermost. There is currently no integrated chat application, however, over time, we shall certainly incorporate more functionality. Your login for the chat application is identical to the main site, and always should be irrespective of username and password changes.

Positions (Creators only)

From here creators can add, edit and remove current positions in the project, though please note you can only remove a position if there are no tasks, nor contributors in that position. Also from this page, by using the tabs at the top, you can set individual’s positions within a project.

Applications (Creators only)

From this page, creators can accept invitations into their project - see: Before accepting applications - as well as send invites to people via email address or username.

Project (Creators only)

These pages has three tabs that creators can access.


This tab allows for the editing of all aspects of the project’s information. It’s recommended you don’t change the name of your project unless absolutely necessary as this could cause some confusion to users of the site.


From here you can link to or upload images, as well as link to YouTube videos. These get shown on the project page along with any captions and descriptions you’ve added to the media (or haven’t added, if that’s what floats your boat).


Lastly this tab allows you post updates to your project page. This can be useful when telling others who aren’t in the project, how it’s coming along. You can publish as many as you like and cover any topics you like. You could even make it fun and highlight something every week or so. For instance, if you’re making a game, one week you could do a highlight of the Artwork, and then another week do a highlight for the sound design. That’ll keep people interested.

Store Manager (Creators & Projects with sales only)

Create and manage products (see: Selling your product), project branding and stock all from one page. This is the core place to go for earning money from Crowdsourcer.io.

Settings (Creators only)

The settings page allows for the changing of, you guessed it, settings. A more detailed section on the significance of these settings with regards to governance, can be found here: Your project settings. However, in short, they can be used to change how many tasks contributors may undertake at any one time, how many contribution points are required to create new tasks and how many are required to vote on tasks in review.