Applying to projects

Finding new projects to get involved with

The easiest way to find a new project is to click the Discover button in the navigation bar. If you’ve got a good idea as to what position you’re wanting to help with, put it as one of the search parameters and set the filled/unfilled filter to Unfilled (provided you want to apply). This will search for projects with the specified, unfilled position. As you build up contribution in different positions, you’ll begin to receive optional emails with recommendations for new projects.

What to look for in a project

Applying to the right projects is just as important as making yourself attractive to project creators. You’re not going to want to spend your time in a project which clearly isn’t going to go anywhere, so here are a couple of things to look for in a project you’re considering.

High quality/effort project pages

It’s important that project creators make their project more than just an idea. It tells you that they’re taking this seriously and aren’t just chucking on ideas willy nilly. If the project description is detailed, the images high quality and the position descriptions are well explained, then you’re most likely looking at a project whose creator is taking things seriously. That’s a good sign.

A good leader

No matter the number of people in a project, it’s always very important to have a project creator who has the skills and experience required to see things through. You can access their profile from the project page in either the Progress or Contributors tabs - in general you’re probably looking for past experience in the sector which their project is a part of and an indication that they’ve got a strong direction and good leadership skills.

Applying to a project

So, you’ve found a project that has piqued your interest and it’s got positions which you could help out in. It’s time to ask the project creator if you can join in! Click Apply on the position you’re interested in and send a message to the creator using the form displayed. This is your opportunity to shine so pack in as many relevant references as you can, whether that’s GitHub repositories, online/website portfolios, your LinkedIn profile - whatever! As long as it’s relevant and can demonstrate past work or experience in the field, you’ll be in a good position. If you’ve done any past work on the site in the same position, your stats will be shown to the project creator along with your message.