Building your profile

If you’re wanting to make a great first impression to project creators who might be looking to get you into their project, there’s nothing better than a well built out profile which you can edit from your account pages. Below are some tips to get you going.

The basics

The first thing to do is write a quick bio, who you are, what you do and so on and so forth. This tells the internet that you’re a human. Which is a good thing to be saying. You can also go ahead and upload a profile picture to go that one step further.

Next you’re going to want to fill out your skills section which we recommend you use to detail two things, your skills and your past work and experience.

List your skill sets

A nice simple list makes it quick and easy for people to get a quick breakdown of what you can offer, whether that’s specific programming languages, artistry, script writing, composing - you name it. You could then go into further details to describe more about your skills.

Past work/achievements

It would also work to your benefit if you could back up your listed skills with evidence of past work or accomplishments. Linking to GitHub or Behance portfolios for example go a very long way. Remember to be prudent and honest however, as you don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking you can do things that perhaps you can’t!

In general, sell yourself!