Earning money

How it works

You’ll have noticed that as you completed Tasks in a project, you’ll have started building up Contribution Points (C.Pts). As fellow contributors do the same the proportion with which you’ve contributed to the project as a whole changes. It is this that decides what share of the profits you get from any sales made by a project. Your proportion of C.Pts directly maps to the proportion of profits, so the larger your share of C.Pts, the larger your share of the profits. Simple.

There are numerous ways with which a project may earn money for you and your fellow contributors, a brief overview of which can be found here.

The exact proprotion of contribution that gets attributed to a particular sale is highlighted in the Payout Policy.

Linking a merchant account

In order to receive money on the payout date (1st of each month), you’re going to have to link a Stripe account. To do this, head over to your Account settings and follow the steps shown after pressing “Connect with Stripe”.

Contributor Obligations

As a contributor to a Project you’re expected to get permission from your project’s members before you sell products with third parties. Should this happen you’re required to pay yourself and your fellow contributors using the Payroll feature when sales are made outside of the Crowdsourcer.io platform. As you do not own the copyrights of the work fellow contributors have put into your project, to comply with international copyright/IP laws, you are required to pay them. Under the Terms and Conditions that you’ve agreed to when using Crowdsourcer.io, this remuneration must be performed using the Payroll system. For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions.