Your project’s chat

The chat is where you can get chatting with all the people who’re contributing as well as manage your project and get help should you need it.

How to access it

Currently the chat application can only be accessed through the external web app, found here: though an integrated chat application is being considered. From the web app you can access all the projects you’re contributing to or have created, from the sidebar.

When it’s created

Your project’s chat will be automatically created on approval, so even if you’re not live, if you’ve accepted any contributors to your project, you can get chatting and start planning!


All contributors that you accept into your project are automatically added to the chat, and as with the project as a whole, contributors can not be removed without good reason so make sure they’re vetted first - see Before accepting applications.

Getting help

If you ever have a need to chat with some support, whether it’s just for simple advice, guidance or if there’s a problem with the project or individuals, don’t hesitate to get some help into you project’s chat. To do this all you have to do is click the yellow button under ‘Housten, we have a problem’ on the project chat page. Someone will instantly be added to the chat. If they’re not online send them a Direct Message and they’ll be notified and will hopefully respond in good time.