Managing your project’s positions

Managing your project’s positions and changing which contributors are in which positions can be done from the Position page in the Mission Control. Contributors in your project can be a part of as many or as few positions as you see fit and aren’t fixed to the position that they applied to originally.

Project positions

Creating new positions

Creating new positions is as simple as when you created your project. Simply select or create a new position name, add the number of spaces you want to fill, and then fill in a description to tell people what exactly the role will require. It’s best to include as much information as possible in this area to improve the chances of getting individuals with the correct skills into the project. You’re well within your rights to ask for certain levels of experience, or portfolios, or links to GitHub and other website accounts. See Before accepting applications for some good tips on what to look out for.


Selecting a position name already in the list of positions will allow that position to be indexed and searchable on the site. Creating your own position name will not benefit from this. However, if you think that the site would benefit from having that position available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can see if we can officiate the position.

Editing positions

You can edit any already created positions and change either the number of free spaces or the description. You can not change the position title as any previous tasks completed in that position would then reference the wrong position. If you change the number of spaces to a number greater than the number of contributors already in that position, then the position will become open to new contributors and individuals can apply to it from your project page. Similarly, if you change the number of spaces to a value less than the current number of contributors in that position, then the position will become closed and new applications will not be allowed.

Removing positions

You may remove positions only if two conditions are met:

  1. There are no current tasks that are open, begun or in review.
  2. There are no contributors in the position.

If the first condition is met, you can always go through your contributors and remove them from the position, as below, and then proceed to remove the position. Any Contribution Points built up in the position will remain and contributors who have completed tasks in that position will still have them contribute to their user and position approval rating. It’s a non destructive process but the position itself cannot be restored currently (but it’ll be easy to change this in the future).

User positions

From this tab you can view all the contributors in your project and select/deselect the positions that they are in. A user may be in 0, 1 or multiple positions. Setting a user to 0 positions is a good method of temporarily preventing that user from accepting new tasks and should be the first port of call if there are any issues with individuals. It’s as simple as selecting the relevant check box to reinstate the position once the issue has been resolved. If you want to search for a particular user you may type in their Username (or part of) into the search bar provided.

Don’t forget to press *Save* after making changes.