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Hi guys!

For the past few years we’ve been working hard on this platform that allows people to work together to create products without raising finance or going it alone. And today is a special day for us because we’re launching v1.0 wahoooo!!

We also launched on Product Hunt where we’d encourage you to share your thoughts of our platform with the community over there, or to use it if you have any questions or feedback. v1.0 - Collaborate. Split profits. Create MVPs without investment. | Product Hunt Embed

Version 1.0 brings all the features we’ve been iterating on in our beta tests plus loads of new ones, such as new selling tools, an enhanced peer review system and improved task management. Our key features now include:

  • An application and interview process for new contributors.
  • A task management system.
  • A fully fledged chat application powered by Mattermost.
  • Role based user management.
  • Selling tools to sell on your own website or others.
  • A payroll system to pay your and your team members.
  • Peer review and voting systems
  • And much, much more…

If you want to learn more about our v1.0 release why not get stuck in and create your own Project? Alternatively, join an existing project.

Anyway, we’ve got loads of exciting new features in the pipeline, so keep an eye out.

And for goodness sake, stay cool.

The team.

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