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Before starting

If you haven't already, check out the Project Creation Guide or The Nucleus for loads of information on setting up your project.
Here's a couple of things to do before starting.

Prep work

The most important thing to do before creating your project on Crowdsourcer.io is to build up as many resources as possible to help attract and then aid any contributors that may join the project once you are approved.

Product Identity

You're going to need a name and to create a basic brand around the product which should include a banner image for you to use on the site. You can go one further by recording an introduction video and uploading it to YouTube. Lastly, you’ll want to secure any accounts or domains that may become of use down the line or on going live.

Prove yourself

You’re going to be deciding who comes into the project and doing a large amount of project management among other things, so it’s crucial that you can convince any potential contributors that you’re up to the job. Filling out your profile with your skills and past work can go a long way.

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