Crowdsourcer.io is an alternative crowdsourcing platform that allows developers and designers alike to create or join in on software related projects, build up their contribution and earn an income from the final product.

Crowdsourcer.io helps developers in all stages of project creation

Crowdsourcer.io takes the collaboration of open source software creation and mixes it with products you can sell, meaning equitable earning potential for all.

Form Up

Get stuck in! Project positions are open and can be applied to by prospective contributors meaning as a project creator you can invite the talent you need to get your project off the ground, and as a contributor, you can become part of some of the coolest new projects around!


In the development stage, Crowdsourcer.io provides a project management system (aptly named Mission Control) for creating tasks for contributors to complete, communicating with your team and managing the project’s updates, media and positions.


Crowdsourcer.io provides tools for you to sell your creations - currently only through your project page, but soon to be through our own dedicated store, on your own websites and maybe even through external retailers (provided we can set up the payment processing for it).

Build, together

Crowdsourcing in its purest form

Who is Crowdsourcer.io for?

Crowdsourcer.io is for the creative technicals whose talents are often put to waste in their day job. It’s for the hobbyists who can’t make that scary jump of quitting their job and creating a business the ‘normal’ way. It’s for those who would normally create open source products, expecting no financial reward. It’s for those who come up with the best ideas in their bedrooms, on their laptops. Even if you’ve got minimal programming or design/artistic ability, you can still participate in a multitude of other activities that all projects are going to need such as copy writing, translation work or even marketing.

How to use Crowdsourcer.io

Got a ground breaking idea? Create a project! Projects are what make Crowdsourcer.io worthwhile. We’ve assembled a Project Creation Guide that will help you get through every single stage from inception to going live. Alternatively, check out the Nucleus for our knowledge base or jump right in and figure it out as you go along!

Want to help others and build up your experience? Then start applying to projects that are already available! Complete tasks, build your user approval and hopefully if the project goes well, earn some money for it.

Earn contribution points and get a share of the sales!

As contributors complete tasks they build ‘Contribution Points’ which are the life blood of each project. Gaining contribution points brings managerial permissions to users, voting power and best of all a share of the project’s sales profits!