The revolution in start up culture is here.

We've created a profit-sharing platform where you can collaborate with other tech experts to create products together, without raising finance, undertaking risk or quitting your day job. No investors, no "I-have-a-great-idea" people, just others like you who are great at what they do.

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What makes us unique

We do things very differently, but we appreciate that there's often a lot to take in. Here's a breakdown of what our platform does.

Work on cool projects

Broaden your horizons and use your expertise to explore new and creative projects. Whether you're making your own or working on another, get involed with the projects that interest you.

Earn a share of the profits

Everyone in a project, including the creator, earns a proportional share of the profits from sales of a product. The best part? It's all based on contribution. No freeloaders here!


No finance required

By finding collaborators to invest their time and expertise in a project, you can create an MVP and begin making money from it without spending a penny on development.

Work as much as you like

You can work as little or as much as you like, around your current lifestyle. If you only contribute 1 hour of your time, you'll still be rewarded for that throughout the lifetime of the product's sales.

A fair value for work

The value you add is calculated on each task you complete and is based on time and complexity. With our platform, you'll never do something you're unhappy with and everyone's treated the same.

Resolved conflicts

Our platform is architected to reduce conflicts of interest and issues that arise from collaborating with others. Whether that be through our peer-review system, or through mediation. You're covered.


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Ben Johnson

CEO of Company Inc.

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Carl Kent

Founder of Style Co.

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Emily Clark

Owner of Creative Ltd.

Got a great idea? Don't want to quit your day job or spend ages raising finance?

If you've got a great idea for a commercial side project, such as a game or a piece of software, then why not think about collaborating on You'll be able to work around your current lifestyle, work with others to realise your vision and use our platform for free!

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