I (Mike) built because I became fed up of how you had to have money to make money in the software world. It was less about the product and more about the marketing budget. I once saw a project get $1m of funding when essentially all it did was take frames from a video. And yet, out there, there are brilliant open source packages that people contribute to without ever expecting any recompense.

As much as I love - and am a part of - the open source scene, I wanted to enable people to be more ambitious off the same ideology and maybe even be able to make a living off of it. To achieve this I realised that there has to be some kind of monetary reward for your time, but likewise I knew there couldn't be money in the project development stage unless it should fall into the same traps that funded projects fall into.

The natural progression was a pseudo worker cooperative where all the people contributing both have a vote in the running of the project as well as earning a fair and an equal, proportionate share of the profits. No more people at the top taking disproportionate amounts of money!

The team... is you

Getting to the first release date has been achieved thanks to help from some good friends (most of whom are registered and contributing already). But then there's you lot, who are contributing not just to itself, but to the entire community.

So, thanks. Awww.