A collaboration platform

Crowdsourcer.io is a web platform where people can collaborate on projects and earn a fair share of the profits based on their contribution.

Time is the new financial investment

A sustainable new model for the startup world.

Crowdsourcer.io sheds the traditional business model, focussing on collaboration and sharing profits based on contribution rather than financial investment.

Project management

Work together safely, efficiently and fairly.

Crowdsourcer.io provides all the tools you need to get working together. Task delegation, chat applications, role management? Sorted.

One place for everything you need

Through the Mission Control for your project, you have all your project management needs in one place, including communication, task management, position allocation and more.

Quality assured, fair for all

Built-in peer review and voting systems mean that you can reward those with quality contributions and prevent free-riders from submitting poor work.

Complete tasks, earn more

As you and your fellow contributors complete tasks, the value you add will be what determines your share of the profits. This value is always agreed beforehand so you'll always be happy with the reward you get for your time. And all this is packed into a fully fledged task management system.

A full chat application for free

Automatically gain access to a versatile and powerful chat application that allows you to do all the things you've come to expect in apps like Slack: create channels, upload documents and direct message team members.

Form up in teams

Gather colleagues, friends and communities to build together.

With no need to hire full-time employees or go to freelancing websites, Crowdsourcer.io allows you to work with talented, like-minded individuals instead.

Join projects that interest you

Seen an interesting project that you think you can help out with? Then get stuck in! Projects on Crowdsourcer.io have positions that anyone can apply and contribute to in exchange for a proportionate share of the profits.

Adjust and adapt as you go

As people apply and are accepted into projects, all the spaces will eventually fill until no more applications can be made. As the creator of a project it's easy to adjust the number of spaces you need in each position, on the fly, to help keep meeting the project's needs.

Review and vet applications

As people contribute to projects their approval will build. You can use this to review applicants to any of your projects or if you're helping project manage, to decide who should do what. Approval ratings are not limited to an overall score, but to a position specific score too.

Sales and distribution

Don't want to faff around with selling tools? We've got you covered.

Whether you want to sell on your own website, on our platform or on third party retailers, we have all the tools you need to make earning money quick and easy.

Make it easy to earn money sooner

Want to sell on your own website or on third party retailers? No problem. Crowdsourcer.io provides you with customisable widgets, receipts and payment flows without writing a line of code or getting embroiled in handling sensitive information. Made sales elsewhere? Run payroll easily and quickly to pay both yourself and other contributors.

An out-of-the-box storefront

Once your product has been built you're free to sell it through the Crowdsourcer.io platform, a store where you don't have to battle for exposure and can sell without the hassle of handling sensitive customer information or sacrificing large chunks of the revenue of sales.

What's the catch?

How much does it cost?

Crowdsourcer.io is free to use and you'll only ever pay via commission (which includes all transaction costs) once your project is earning money.

Store Sales

Use Crowdsoucer.io to sell Serial Keys, Digital Downloads and to receive Donations available to customers on your project page or on your own website via widgets.

Covers all costs : Yes



Third-party Sales

Use the Payroll system to pay everyone in a project if selling your products via third party retailers such as Steam or Amazon, incurring the below cost.

Covers all costs : Yes



Use Crowdsourcer.io for FREE! Start your project now!

Gone are the days of seed rounds and financial strain. Get paid fairly for your efforts instead of watching profits go right to the top. Crowdsourcer.io will bring a new, sustainable and equitable structure to businesses.

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