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Check out the Nucleus to see how you can get stuck in, whether it's by helping a project out and earning a share of the profits, or creating your own project and teaming up with others to realise your vision.

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If you had an account when you made a purchase, head over to your purchases page. If you didn't, use the purchase recovery tool to resend order emails.

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What is Crowdsourcer.io?

Crowdsourcer.io is a web platform where people can collaborate on projects and earn a fair share of the profits based on their contribution. It also provides a place for these projects to sell whatever they produce and in the process formalises a profit-sharing model that means everyone who contributed to a project gets their fair share.

For more information: See the features page.

Why such a model?

We believe that venture creation in the world of software, games and other industries, has gotten out of hand with the boom of Venture Capitalism and Private Equity Finance. To put it simply, what we're seeing is a divide between good ideas that should succeed (but don't) and bad ideas with lots of money that do succeed. This divide is growing greater and greater and now it's become incredibly hard for indie developers to compete both financially and in scope. We think this is wrong, so we've built a meritocratic platform that levels the playing field and allows you to be as ambitious as any VC backed project.

For more information: See the about page.

Can I get involved?


If you want to create your own project, there's a wealth of materials available in the Nucleus as well as the Project Creation Guide, available to download here.

If you want to help out on a project, there are some materials available here in the Nucleus. Or you could simply just get stuck in and try to find an interesting project using the discovery tool.

How much does it cost?

The Crowdsourcer.io platform is 100% free to use. The platform makes its money on sales your project makes when whatever you're making is completed and ready to be sold. There are two rates (including all costs) that will be automatically charged. The first is for sales made through Crowdsourcer.io, and the other is for using the Payroll system to distribute money to a project from sales made externally (this is done at as close to cost price as possible).

For sales made through Crowdsourcer.io: 17.5%

For using the payroll system: 6.5%

For more information: See this Nucleus page.

Please note that these rates can change depending on currencies of sale, taxation, varying costs of transactions, payment methods, card providers, product prices and more. When you create your product we'll give you as good an indication as possible as to the share your project will receive.

Where can I redownload/retrieve my pruchases?

If you had an account when you made your purchase, head over to your purchases page to see a list of all your items. From here you may download products or retrieve serial keys.

I didn't have an account when I made a purchase, how can I get my purchases back?

If you didn't have an account when you made a purchase, you can redeem any download links or serial keys from the purchase recovery page. This will require the email address you used to make the purchase. If you can't remember what email address you used, do a search in your inboxes for emails from "[email protected]" and a receipt therein.

Alternatively, you can register for an account with the same email you used to make a purchase and you'll be able to see all your purchases.

If you plan to make more purchases, please consider registering. It's quick and easy.

Please note that the purchase recovery form will only send you download links and serial numbers. Any donations made won't show as there is nothing to redeem.

Do you offer Refunds?

Yes! To inquire about a refund on a purchase you've made, please contact support using the form at the top of this page.

When will you process a refund?

Because most of the products sold on Crowdsourcer.io are free from Digital Rights Management (DRM) once you've purchased it, you own it, no matter what happens thereafter. Because of this, we'll only process refunds if the item you purchased does not work or under other extreme circumstances. First, we'll try to help get your purchase working for you, and failing that we'll process a refund.

Please note that currently there is no way of refunding donations to projects.

Do I have to be in a certain country to be eligible for a refund?

Absolutely not! If you purchased an item, we can refund it. Your country or currency makes no difference.

How long does it take to receive the refund?

The amount of time before you see the money back in your account varies depending on how you paid. In general, you should receive the money within 5 work days. If after 14 days you've not received any money, please get in touch with support using the form above.

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