Contribution Points

The whole purpose of is to do away with monetary investment and to free up creativity. Open source projects are a good way to avoid the issues that come with investment/investors but because of their nature, people will only dedicate so much time to them because of the lack of financial reward at the end of it.

We want people to be as ambitious as commercially orientated companies, whilst maintaining the spirit and ideology of open source software. Now, with, the time you spend on a project may actually reap some rewards later down the line - which we think is quite exciting. But how can you get paid for simply dedicating your time? Well that’s where contribution points come in…

What they are

Simply put, ‘Contribution Points’ or (C.Pts), are an indicator of how much you’ve contributed to a project. Who’d have thought it? The more C.Pts you have in a project the higher your share of the sales will be when your project comes to being sold.

Moreover, C.Pts grants you extra rights within a project such as the ability to create new tasks or to vote on tasks in review, depending on the settings of the project.

How to earn C.Pts

Simple. Complete tasks. When someone is a contributor in a project the Mission Control will become available to them and from there they can accept and complete tasks - see Tasks . If they’re completed well and are approved, the contributor will earn a predefined number of points. A good scale to go forward with is ~ 1 C.Pts per hour contributed, though really it’s up to the task creators to discern what constitutes 1 C.Pts, as long as it remains consistent.

A properly run project will offer the same amount of contribution for the same level of work, to all contributors. In fact, this is a foundation of, there are no managers or directors earning far more for their time than the people actually creating. All contributors should be treated equally when it comes to distribution of tasks and C.Pts.