Contributors are people who have joined in on a project to aid in its development. They constitute a project’s team members and are the life blood of Unlike in open source projects, contributors are not expected to work for nothing and similarly unlike in commercial projects, they’re not working to line the pockets of others.

Becoming part of something

As a contributor, every time you dedicate effort to a project you’ll gain Contribution Points which will grant you a share of the sales of the product once distribution has started. Because of this, contributors don’t have to worry about the free-rider problem nor do they have be concerned that the value they’re creating is going to others. Irrespective of a contributor’s position in the project, their effort gets rewarded in exactly the same way as anyone else.

An equitable business structure

Participating in projects on doesn’t just mean you get a portion of the sales, it means you are a member of a team whose opinions and expertise can greatly influence the end product. Projects are autonomous entities and as a contributor you have a role in reviewing tasks and voting, as well as contributing to the management of the project.