Projects are where begins and ends.

Have you ever had a great idea for project but thought it was too big for you to do alone, too big for you to proceed with without raising finances and to big for you to stay in your current job whilst pursuing it? Well then, is for you. This is crowd sourcing in its purest form, where people can contribute and earn from their efforts, in an equitable way. All of a sudden you don’t have to have a venture capitalist breathing down your neck, nor do you have to quit your job and start the arduous process of assembling a highly skilled team.

Crowd sourcing without getting money involved reduces the risk for creators and for contributors. On top of that creators will be adding to a community based on equality so them and all the contributors helping them out are treated as equals - using an open source like ideology. will provide creators with the tools needed to sell their products with no sweat, so they don’t even have to worry about payment processing. All creators have to focus on is making their idea a reality; and that’s what projects and all the tools that come with them will help them to do.

Contributors can join in projects that they believe are special, and they don’t have to worry about dedicating their time to something that won’t earn any money, and better yet, be safe in the knowledge that their efforts won’t line the pockets of investors or people at the top as all members in a project, be them creators or contributors, will only get out what they put in.

What is a project

A project is an entity that represents a product/service on A project page (which will be created automatically once a project gets approved) will act as both an advert to potential contributors and a product information page for customers. Through projects, creators approve and invite team members, project manage and then sell their product.

Who can join a project

Absolutely anyone can send an application to a project - see: Applying to projects - and then partake in not just development, but in management too as projects on are autonomous. It helps to have had at least a little experience in a position before applying to it. A couple og GitHub pull requests here and there are a good enough start.