Products are one of the ways that you and your teammates can earn money through The principle is simple. You build something together on the platform and if it can be sold via the platform you can use the free selling tools to do so.

There are three types of product currently:

Serial Keys

If you have a product that is activated via another service or is free to download but requires an activation code to unlock all its features, then you may well be needing serial keys. When purchasing serial keys, customers will receive the key and a link to the location to redeem it.

Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads are for selling DRM-free, digital files such as a music album, a digital comic book or piece of software, among many others. Upon purchase customers will receive a link to download the purchased item.


Donations are as simple as products that don’t have some form of deliverable that is received by the customer. This means you can accept donations from a fan-base, perhaps, who want to help you and your fellow contributors create whatever you’re making.

If you’re a project creator and want to use the above products to earn money, see Selling your product.