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"2D\/3D Artist - Learning C# \/\/ [https:\/\/\/cody-rauh\n](https:\/\/\/cody-rauh)\n\nMy work as a 3D artist has been used by over 100,000+ virtual world content creators, online game developers, and mobile app designers across the globe. Selling digital content via micro-transactions.\n\nSimultaneously I completed contracts & subcontracts for clients ranging from private individuals to major organizations such as Department of Defense, University of Venice, Memorial & St. Leo\u2019s university, DeMolay International, and companies such as El Paso Corporation and Pearson Learning Company.\n\n- Developed over 750 virtual assets\n- Built & Managed 5 different successful virtual store brands\n- Produced For These Platforms: Second Life, Cloud Party, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4"
"- Concept Art\n- Graphic Design\n- 3D Modeling\n- Voxel Art\n- C# Programming\n"

Created projects

Wild Origin

A Frontier Planet - Exploration/Puzzle game series. Explore an uncharted world, experiencing things you can't in your day-to-day life.

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