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"Developer and Entrepreneur, I have a heart and mind for startups. I started my career as a developer as a web admin in the construction industry and furthered my experience at a Saas company targeting music education. I have started multiple businesses since my teenage years, some successful and some not, yet I never quit trying and always come back for more."
"As a software developer, my wheelhouse focuses on connecting front end components to backend services. However, I have had my share of creating API services and managing databases.\n\nMy technical skills include:\n- JavaScript\n- Python\n- Java\n- Scala\n\nSome frontend frameworks I have dabbled in:\n- Angular\n- JQuery\n- Mootools\n- React\n\nSome backend frameworks I have dabbled in:\n- WebObjects\n- Lift\n- Django\n\nMy preferred databases:\n- PostgreSQL\n- MySQL\n- Firebird"

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MoonUnit is an arbitrage tool that makes juggling cryptocurrencies simpler by providing powerful automated trading tools.

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