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" I am a former US Army (Field Artillery) Officer as well as a former school guidance counselor, though I don't consider either to be of particular relevance to this project. Of more importance is that I am a lifelong portrait\/figure artist working in charcoals, pastels, and oils. Ten years ago, I learned to create 2D computer art. Six years ago, I learned iClone, and have been animating fanatically ever since! Three years ago, I took online Udemy courses to learn the Unity and Unreal game engines. I am currently creating a 3D sci fi game in Unity: (NEED COLLABORATORS!) \nhttp:\/\/www.facebook.com\/SeedTheRenaissanceProject\/ "
" I am basically a self-taught, conventional portrait\/figure artist, who has learned to create characters and animate them in iClone! I hold a Bachelors degree in German and a Masters degree in Counseling. I am also a musician (guitar and vocals). My game development skills are minimal (other than making awesome cut scenes in iClone). Nonetheless, I am attempting to create the next epic sci fi game!"

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Seed: The Renaissance Project

This is an awesome sci fi game concept, with epic potential and scope, that deserves to be made into an incredible 3D game!

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