Project Blue

An ARPG for iOS and Android that will showcase expansions and only have cosmetic in-app purchases.

"Our first game title, code named \u0022Project Blue\u0022 is an original IP that has an in-depth story set in our modern-day world with technology, relationships, hardship and a little fantasy mixed in. Project Blue is a 3D single player RPG with an extensive story mode, end game content, events and cosmetic items. The story will be told through in-game cinematics versus traditional text-based story telling in this genre. We will be continually updating the game and have a long project life cycle planned. There will be large amount of content added to the game in the form of expansions along with bug fixes and balancing.\r\n\r\nWe currently have six members working on the project. One of them includes a marketer who is working hard to help us with branding and social media.\r\n\r\nLearn more about us on our website:\r\nhttps:\/\/\/\r\n\r\nCheck out our social media\r\n- **LinkedIn ** https:\/\/\/company\/reim-entertainment\/\r\n- **Twitter ** https:\/\/\/Reim_Ent\r\n- **Facebook** https:\/\/\/ReimEntertainment\/\r\n "

We're going to need...

Graphic Designer

"As a Graphic Designer you will be working to create icons, UI elements and other 2D assets that will be used with the game. We are using the Unity game engine to develop or first game. You will have total creative freedom in your work. While we all have specific roles, we work together to do our best work.\n\n**Responsibilities**\n- Work with artists and game designers to create Icons, UI elements and 2D assets\n- Manage 2D assets within our cloud-based asset management system\n\n**Requirements**\n- Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP or other graphic design software\n- Commit 6 to 8 hours a week towards the project\n- Have fun and enjoy what you like to do :D\n\n**Bonus Points**\n- Passion for video games"

How we're getting along...

  • Added New Position

      1 month ago

    "Hey everyone! We are certainly growing and we are in need of another Unity developer to work along side our current one. Check it out!"
  • We are go! Repeat, we have lift off!

      1 month ago

    "This is where the fun begins. Introducing... \n#### **Project Blue** \nCreated by the awesome \u003Ca href=\u0022https:\/\/\/profile\/hx9YLeTw\u0022\u003Ecreimschussel\u003C\/a\u003E."

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