Good Boy!

PC/Mobile arcade game about why dogs are often considered the best possible friends for a human.

"'Good boy' is an adventurous arcade game that tells the story about very different dogs living in very different families in very different countries all over the world who are still united with one single goal.\r\nThe project is now in its early development stage, we have a bare-bones prototype ready and we're looking for a team that will help us to boost the development process to new heights."

We're going to need...

3D Artist

"We use Unity store assets to handle all the basic animation and modeling, but we will definitely require to tweak those a little bit for cutscenes and to create variations of animations."

Unity Gameplay Programmer

"We are making this game in our spare time, so we need around 2 or 3 developers to handle the programming. We already have the lead programmer who created the code structure, but we're always looking for best practices."


"The role of this position is to handle all the marketing activities that are connected to our project"

Audio Engineer

"The goal of this position is to handle all the SFX of the game"

Music Composer

"The goal of our music composers is to... compose music!"

How we're getting along...

  • We are go! Repeat, we have lift off!

      5 years ago

    "This is where the fun begins. Introducing... \n#### **Good Boy!** \nCreated by the awesome \u003Ca href=\u0022https:\/\/\/profile\/7GZS7V61\u0022\u003EFoxmillet\u003C\/a\u003E."

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