The Adventures of Dr. Richards: The mysterious Key

The Adventures of Dr. Richards is a point and click adventure - mystery game where you play at Dr. Richards - a historian.

"Gerald Richards has a PhD in history and was invited to fill a newly opened vacancy at the\u00a0University of Aberdeen. The invitation came from the Guild of Historians (London), which in itself is strange. The vacancy was opened because of the sudden leave of professor Graham Arundale - an avid historian with a keen interest in unusual artifacts.\u00a0\r\nDr. Richards assistant is Timothy (Tim) Bernard, a good friend of his and a little bit younger. Tim decides to join once again his old friend as his assistant and travels with him to Aberdeen, all with the exclusive permission by the President of the University. Upon arrival they are taken to the previous office of prof. Arundale, which is now to become the office of Gerald. The room is emptied completely by the staff, with one exception - an old sturdy desk, apparently too large to be moved, is left there. Upon closer inspection the duo finds out this desk contains a puzzle, an intricate lock, which is masked as a wood carving where the bottom left drawer should have been. The only reason this catches their attention is the bloody fingerprint on one of the carvings. After fiddling with it for a bit (this is the first puzzle the player will solve. also an explainer as to how the system works) they manage to open the hidden drawer and what they find inside is an ancient key and a letter by prof. Arundale addressed to a friend of his, asking to meet at the Red Dog pub and explaining that he fears for his life. In the letter prof Arundale also pleads if he doesn't make it his friend to take care of his daughter"

We're going to need...

2D Animator

"To create art for reference, social media and crowdfunding page. Cutscenes animation, sprites and environments will be the main art required but also being able to create concept scenes of the game. "

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