a fun new way to poll with friends

"ThumbsApp is a brand new social platform for challenging friends on anything interesting from who got the best selfie to who did the best dance moves. \r\n\r\nDo you enjoy hanging out with friends for picnics, holiday parties, hiking or anything in between, then this is just for you all to create a daring collage and let your friends decide who did it best. It's just fun challenges with positive vibes :)\r\n\r\nHappy Thumbing!"

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React Native Developer

"Working on frontend and backend of the mobile app"

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  • We are go! Repeat, we have lift off!

      5 years ago

    "This is where the fun begins. Introducing... \n#### **ThumbsApp** \nCreated by the awesome \u003Ca href=\u0022https:\/\/\/profile\/7tCeGAmt\u0022\u003Estevensefa\u003C\/a\u003E."

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