Yami is a multiplayer, MetroidVania, adventure game, focusing on puzzle-based discovery through the usage of platforming, portals.

"**1.2 GamePlay**\r\nYuyo has the corrupted Yami magic. This corrupted magic makes him sick and will eventually kill him. In an attempt to prevent this, the brothers head out on an adventure, seeking a solution to cure Yuyo. The brothers are in a word full of magic and must explore and gather information, finding clues that direct them towards a cure for Yuyo. \r\n\r\nTheir quest begins beyond the borders of the Final City. There they stumble upon hostile, mysterious creatures. It seems that they must be defeated if they are to progress on their adventure. Along the way they discover helpful strangers that are willing to teach them magic in exchange for \u201cfavors\u201d. These magical powers show the way to hidden areas, allowing the brothers to progress on their quest. \r\n\r\nThe brothers become fatigued from using magic and must rest between magic spells, or their abilities will weaken. The brothers can also combine their powers to produce a more potent result. \r\n**1.3 Mindset**\r\nThe players of the game should feel adventurous and feel more powerful as the game progresses and the brothers become more powerful. The music and areas provoke these emotions by creating an atmosphere and setting a mood. The interaction with the environment and the reactions of the brothers on the environment will set the mood, as well as the tough decisions the brothers will have to make.\r\n"

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