Speechr is a collaborative design and development tool for easy and organised game development. https://speechr.pointbleepstudios.com

"**Speechr ** is a collaborative design and development tool for easy and organised game development.\r\nIt aims to solve file clutter while providing a centralised environment for every aspect of your project.\r\n\r\nCheck out current app status.\r\n[https:\/\/speechr.pointbleepstudios.com](https:\/\/speechr.pointbleepstudios.com)\r\n\r\n### Features\r\n\r\n- One repository: All your data in one place, sorted, searchable, editable.\r\n- Your Game, your data: You own your data, it lives on your computer and it can be optionally synced to a remote database\r\n- Multi user: Several users can work offline on the same database and sync changes in real time to a remote master database. \r\n- Beautiful UI: Because staring at a screen while building the next big hit should be a pleasant experience.\r\n- Engine Agnostic: Standard JSON export for any usage.\r\n\r\n### Modules\r\n\r\n**Game Design Documents**\r\nCreate your game's design document with Speechr and instantly share your \r\nconcepts with your team. Each member will have access to the GDD at the \r\nclick of button.\r\n\r\n**Scripting**\r\n\r\nSpeechr's powerful script editor uses simple plain text to tell your game's characters exactly what to do and how to do it.With highlighted syntax keeping everything easy to read, Speechr's scripting is a joy to use.\r\n\r\n**Non-Linear Branching Tree Graph vs Scripts?**\r\n\r\nAfter researching many methods for displaying complex non-linear dialogue, we found that the combination of both worlds is necessary.\r\nA tree structure to show the flow and branching of the scene and a scripting editor that does not force the user to write in tiny boxes.\r\nComplex scenes can be made without cluttering the screen with tree nodes, but at the same time having a visual representation really helps to \r\nvisualize all the possible outcomes.\r\n\r\n**The Director.**\r\n\r\nDetail optional character information here to compliment your project's GDD or to give you voice actors some background on your characters.Set up your actor properties and use them in sripts as variables (coming soon).\r\n\r\n**Quests, Items and Misc Objects.**\r\n\r\nCustom objects can be written in hjson (recommended), json, and YAML. They will be converted to standard JSON on game content export.\r\n- Quests can be actual quests, objectives or properties that need to be tracked in the course of a game.* Items will let you have an Item database with custom properties to inject in your game.\r\n- Misc objects can also added and exported to the engine, this is good for main menus, default options.\r\n\r\n**Kanban Boards** \r\n\r\nTake notes of your to-dos in a quick and straightforward fashion.Not intended to replace popular tools like trello, but having the option to note down that last minute idea into the project quick and easy is very\r\n convenient.\r\n\r\n**Constant Development**\r\n\r\n**Speechr** is in constant development, future updates will include:\r\n\r\n- **Key Ring**: This section will have a tree structure(much like everything else) where you will be able to mass import licence keys for services(steam, itch.io, etc) and then you will be able to assign it to users and mark \r\nthem as used.Keys should be encrypted.\r\n- **Localization**: Scripts and Dialogues needs to be imported\/ written and exported in different languages.\r\n- **Conversation Simulator**: Just fire up your dialogue and test it in a simulation, useful for quick trying different ideas.\r\n- **Dark Mode!** "

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"Current Stack is: \n- electron\n- reactjs \n- mobx\n- pouchdb \/ couchdb\n- antd "

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