Evolve a turn-based strategy game

The game will be a turn-based strategy game with evolutions mechanics of your species.

"This game is based on a evolution mechanism.\r\nThe player start as a micro organism. Along the game the player make a bunch of choices that will determinate forces and weaknesses of his species by a system of mutations with advantages and drawbacks. The mutation can be triggered by the areas the player is or\/and some natural events.\r\n\r\nThe game is played on a procedurally generated planet whith hexagonal grid. The grid is made with golberg polyhedras (go wikipedia if you're interested it's some maths btw) whitch means there is twelve pentagons in the grid. Then the terrain is proceduraly generated based on the type of terrain the case is. The generation will be made with some perlin noise. "

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"The main task will be the generation of the planet and making a system for random natural events."

Level Designer

"The Level designer is wanted to design a tech tree and an evolution tree."

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