Chess Hyper Royale

Chess Hyper Royale is a battle royale where 128 players play Chess simultaneously, taking each other out until one player remains.

"In Chess Hyper Royale, 128 players are randomly matched with one another. When the game begins, players play Chess against their matched opponent as normal, with a few noticeable twists. \r\n\r\n### GAMEPLAY\r\n\r\nBoth players have one minute in total for their entire play to make their moves against each other. A player is eliminated from the game when they run out of time or is put in checkmate. When a player captures the opponent\u2019s piece, they remove time from a player in one of the matches taking place. The player can be targeted by random, least time remaining, highest KOs, or manually. These options are selectable by the player before and during their match. The amount of time removed is based on the value of the piece. If a player causes another player\u2019s time to run out through the targeting system, they will be rewarded a KO. KOs add a multiplier to seconds reduced when pieces are captured. To avoid time being reduced, players have three turns per advancement made towards them to capture a piece. If a piece is captured during this window, time is subtracted from the attacker\u2019s sent time based on the values and multipliers above. If time still remains, the defender has two more turns to remove the remaining time from the attack. If the time is nullified, all attacks in queue are cancelled. Left over time is sent via the targeting system as normal. If a player makes a checkmate, they gain the ability to replace any one piece on their next match with a Bishop, Rook or Queen. Players continue to knock other players out and match with other players still remaining until one player remains.\r\n\r\n### LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!\r\nThis game can become the next big thing, competing with games similar to Tetris 99. Along with the online mode, there are plans for offline and local multiplayer modes in the future. I hope to see you on board!"

We're going to need...


"Will be in charge of bringing the game to life by implementing the game's rules, as well as developing an online multiplayer experience."

Music Composer

"A good battle royale game should have catchy, upbeat music! Different tracks are needed for the menu and six pieces for each of the sections of a normal game."

Audio Engineer

"Sound effects are essential to conveying an action in game. You will be responsible for creating various sound effects for pieces being captured, KOs and others."

2D Artist

"Assets are needed for the game's glitch style. That includes chess pieces, boards, backgrounds and others."


"Your responsibility is to get the game out there before launch and get people hyped up!"

Social Media Manager

"You will create and manage various social media accounts regarding th game. Get people excited!"

How we're getting along...

  • We are go! Repeat, we have lift off!

      4 years ago

    "This is where the fun begins. Introducing... \n#### **Chess Hyper Royale** \nCreated by the awesome \u003Ca href=\u0022https:\/\/\/profile\/zg19aZRF\u0022\u003EManyFlamesAway\u003C\/a\u003E."

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