FPS game that takes place in the Vietnam War. Both singleplayer and muliplayer

"Project NAM is a FPS game that takes place in the VietnamWar. There is going to be a multiplayer and a singleplayer mode. With realistic graphics and gameplay. \r\n\r\n**FEATURES:**\r\n\r\n** SinglePlayer**\r\n - Story mode\r\n - AutoSave system \/ gameslot system\r\n - Adchievements\r\n - Cutscenes\r\n - Story\r\n - Levels\r\n - Singleplayer bots (enemies)\r\n\r\n** Multiplayer**\r\n - Level\/xp system\r\n - (Skillbased) matchmaking\r\n - Adchievements\r\n - Cosmetics\r\n - Lobby system (with friends and party)\r\n - Challenges\r\n - Gametypes\r\n - Chat\r\n - Bots\r\n - Scoreboard\r\n - Killstreaks\r\n\r\n** Both**\r\n - Easy to add weapon system\r\n - Shooting system\r\n - Health system\r\n - Ammo system\r\n - Weapon\/ammo pickup system\r\n - Vault system\r\n - Melee\r\n - Grenades\r\n - Vehicles\r\n - Placeable traps\r\n - Objectives\r\n\r\n**WEAPONS:**\r\n Models:\r\n Infantry Rifles:\r\n - AK74\r\n - M16, XM16E1, and M16A1 \r\n - M14 rifle\r\n - M1 Garand\r\n - M1, M1A1, & M2 Carbine \r\n - MAS-36 rifle \r\n - Stoner 63\r\n - T223\r\n - XM177 (Colt Commando)\/GAU-5\r\n - CAR-15\r\n - L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle\r\n - AKM\r\n - Type 56\r\n Pistols and revolvers:\r\n - Colt M1911A1\r\n - Browning Hi-Power\r\n - Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless \r\n - Colt Commander \r\n - Colt Police Positive Special \r\n - M1917 revolver\r\n - Quiet Special Purpose Revolver\r\n - Smith & Wesson Mark 22 Mod.0 \u0022Hush Puppy\u0022 "

We're going to need...


"You will make everything from Character to gameplay."

Concept Artist

"Character design, Map design, creating lore"

3D Artist

"Making weapons, characters and props"

Level Designer

"Making maps in ue4. And youc will need to work together with the concept artist."

Community Manager

"Working together with the socialmedia manager and creating a strategy for all social channels"

Story Engineer

"Creating a creative story that has real events in it"

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