Wheeel messenger

Multi-functional MESSENGER for cars and passengers based on the CAR PLATE + crypto currency & mining on-the-go?!

"The market of smartphones has reached 2B users (link), a third of the global population, and it is expected to reach almost 4 billion users by 2022, a 66% penetration, according to eMarketer\u2019s (link) latest forecast & the latest report (link) from Wireless Smartphone Strategies. The developers\u2019 earnings from smartphone applications surpassed $100 billion (link) In 2017 just in the iOS store. By 2020 it is also expected app revenues in app stores to surpass $100B (link), while $188 billion (link) will be the total mobile app revenue. With $15 average user revenue\/year (link), messaging apps will make more than $37 billion per annum by 2020 (when active messaging app users are expected to reach no less than 2.48 billions \u2013 link).\r\n\r\nIn this explosive market we will launch the Wheeel\u00ae, a messenger application (for Android & iOS) equipped with novel functions, to conquer a $3 trillion untapped market, disrupt existing ones while becoming the founders of a new niche market. We are (conservatively) targeting $1 billion in revenues by 2021 from offered services etc. in addition to income generated by Wheeel\u00ae as a messenger app. Whatsapp will make almost $5 billion (link) in revenues by 2020 and WeChat is expected to have almost $6 billion (link) in revenues by the same year. \r\n\r\n\r\n\u2026 a few indicative sources of income for apps:\r\n\uf0fc\tSticker packs: the Line app is earning $10 million per month (link) selling sticker packs.\r\n\uf0fc\tSubscriptions: the Tinder app generated over $407.4 million (link) in Q1 of 2018 from subscriptions.\r\n\uf0fc\tAds: the Line app generated close to $1 billion (link) in ad revenues for 2017\u2019s Q1, Q2 & Q3; the WeChat app generated $800 million.\r\n\uf0fc\tDigital payments: the WePay app processed $50 billion in bank transfers (link) per month, in 2016.\r\n\uf0fc\te-commerce: $500 billion in retail sales (link) in 2016 were influenced from the use of smartphones in the U.S alone; 80% of consumers are presently employing smartphone apps as a first choice for their purchases in lieu of human attendance. \r\n\uf0fc\tGaming, the leader in gross revenue generation for apps: Epic Games makes $1.9 million in daily revenue (link) just from a single game, Fortnite. \r\nThe Wheeel\u00ae app: \r\no\tProvides highly secure encrypted communication offering for the first time the alternative of using car-plate numbers for telephony, besides standard telephone numbers.\r\no\tTargets the car & energy related industries, a $3 Trillion market, still unexploited by smartphones.\r\no\tPioneers the creation of a new apps\u2019 category, a niche market focused on the car related industries.\r\no\tProvides users the tools to become entrepreneurs using its platform for trading goods & services.\r\no\tDisrupts established markets, the taxicab\/Uber business as a starter. \r\no\tIts platform offers in one place facilities superior to its competitors: from entertainment to e-banking.\r\no\tExploits the cars\u2019 energy to mine cryptocoins! \r\n\r\n \r\n"

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