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Are you dressed your best? Use Wardrobe Studio: create your profile, chat with dress-bot, look your best at everywhere!

"Wardrobe.studio is a hybrid web\/mobile app that allows people to provide real-world scenarios to help coordinate what your wear so you can look your best for any occasion. Wardrobe Studio uses your existing wardrobe for outfit creation, as well as providing recommendations to improve and expand your wardrobe for new purchase consideration.\r\n\r\n1. Create your account\r\n2. Input your measurements, age, profession, role, and location\r\n3. Take pictures of your: suits, shirts, trousers, jackets, hats, belts, ties, socks, and shoes\r\n4. Tell Wardrobe Studio's Dresser-Bot with where you're going\r\n\r\n**Example interaction when getting dressed in the morning would be...**\r\n\r\nDresser-Bot: Where are you going?\r\nMe: working at the office\r\n\r\nDresser-Bot: Are you going anywhere after work?\r\nMe: Yes, a networking event.\r\n\r\nDresser-Bot: Are you an attendee, or will you be there in some type of official capacity?\r\nMe: I will be presenting.\r\n\r\nDresser-Bot: How does your audience expect you to appear?\r\nA) Very professional\r\nB) Business casual\r\nC) Relaxed, but professional\r\nD) Young and trendy\r\n\r\nMe: C\r\n\r\nThen, Wardrobe Studio will use AI, images of your wardrobe, and output is 2-3 outfits which are well coordinated, based on your existing wardrobe, plus 2-3 recommendations from online\/physical stores that would go well and improve your wardrobe."

We're going to need...


"Programmers will help in system architecture and implementation decisions, authoring image recognition integrations, system logic for apparel decisions based upon user input, AI systems powering apparel logic decisions and to enable Dresser-Bot chat I\/O to handle scenario-based inquiry\/feedback cycles with users to isolate outfit coordination recommendations."

Ionic Developer

"Ionic developers will help in the UI\/UX design, providing Programmers and DevOps with system\/service\/API needs to power the hybrid, platform-agnostic, Wardrobe Studio front-end application."

Web Developer

"The Web Developer will be responsible for building integrations for apparel recommendations into the application, and providing the interfaces for implementing in Wardrobe Studio's hybrid web app."

Node.Js Developer

"The Node.js developers will be responsible for building out two critical components:\n\n1. The Dresser-Bot (chat bot)\n2. The API and server-side web application components"

Dev Ops

"DevOps will be in charge of system configuration for all programmers and developers, as well as security, monitoring, alerting, and APM once the MVP of Wardrobe Studio is complete."

How we're getting along...

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    "This is where the fun begins. Introducing... \n#### **Wardrobe Studio** \nCreated by the awesome \u003Ca href=\u0022https:\/\/crowdsourcer.io\/profile\/wyTTTJTK\u0022\u003Ebdeanindy\u003C\/a\u003E."

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