Discordian Tales

Discordian Tales is a 2D role playing adventure game in the JRPG style set in an exciting and expansive modern/medieval world.

"The game has deep and detailed lore and a unique storyline featuring custom economy, \r\ngovernment, religion and calendar systems. The intuitive and fully interactive \r\nenvironments will allow for different player styles, experiences, and replay value whilst \r\nthe comprehensive and fast paced battle system provides for real consequences and \r\nbalanced rewards.\r\n\r\n- Players will have a vast and expansive world to explore; from empty wilderness to busy cityscapes\r\n- Throughout their journey the player will have a multitude of quests, puzzles, and mysteries to solve\r\n- \u2022 Stealth will be important in certain situations; from escaping dangerous areas to picking locks\r\n- \u2022 The world has a thriving ecosystem of resources for the player to harvest and use for crafting or in trade\r\n- \u2022 Combat will play a key part in the adventure with friends and foes to meet along the way\r\n- \r\nThe vast majority of RPGs and many other games focus on \u201cgood\u201d vs \u201cevil\u201d; arbitrary \r\nconcepts that are often poorly implemented and biased towards specific, often \r\nWestern, influences with little in the way of true depth or reason for why the actions of \r\none character are \u201cbad\u201d whilst the player is inherently \u201cgood\u201d. \r\n\r\nDiscordian Tales aims to challenge and rebalance this, not by simply switching the focus \r\nto \u201cevil\u201d vs \u201cgood\u201d, but instead focusing on \u201cchaos\u201d vs \u201corder\u201d. Whilst these again may \r\nhave common \u201cgood\u201d and \u201cevil\u201d interpretations, the game will aim to introduce the \r\nplayer to world a more nuanced viewpoint on the subject.\r\n\r\nInspired by the core tenet of Discordianism, the game will explore the theory that there \r\nis no distinction between order and disorder, since both are man-made conceptual \r\ndivisions of the pure element of chaos. It is only by rejecting these principles that you \r\ncan truly perceive reality as it is; that is, the true meaning of chaos.\r\n\r\nBeyond the design focus, aspects such as the adaptation of the core mechanics of the \r\nFate Condensed narrative tabletop RPG system serve to create a chaotic and immersive \r\nworld where players have true agency and where choice has real consequences.\r\n\r\nThe focus on balancing chaos and order coupled with the unique setting and Discordian \r\ninfluences will create an experience unlike any other for the Player. Whilst many of the \r\nsystems will be familiar, their use and even outcomes will have often unexpected, but \r\nenjoyable, results.\r\n\r\nLearning from the competition has been key to the development of the game and its \r\nuniverse to ensure that players are able to experience the world, the characters, and the \r\nstory in their own way.\r\n\r\nFrom a protagonist that will adapt to the unique style of each player as they engage \r\nwith the world, to the wide range of accessibility options and input methods ensuring \r\nequal and fair access to all types of players, to the deep lore and diverse cast that can be \r\nexperienced to any level that the player wishes without compromise.\r\n\r\nDiscordian Tales aims to be a fully inclusive, truly immersive, and fun experience for \r\nplayers of any age, background, gender identity, or level of experience. "

We're going to need...


"Javascript module\/plugin development and general tweaking and customisation for the RPG Maker MV engine already in use for the pre-release prototypes."

Android Developer

"Porting support to fully adapt the Windows editions of the game to Android. "

iOS Developer

"Porting support to fully adapt the Windows editions of the game to iOS. "

Mac OS X Developer

"Porting support to fully adapt the Windows editions of the game to MacOS. "

Mobile UI Designer

"Support and expertise in developing a mobile friendly interface for the game"

2D Artist

"Further developing the current and planned cast of characters, along with the large number of supporting cast and related characters and environments. "

Community Manager

"Developing a strong community around the planned game universe, the heavy focus on accessibility and user engagement, and the unique story and setting"

Audio Engineer

"Editing and customising the vast library of music and sound already procured for the game to define a unique feel for the setting and story"

Level Designer

"Further developing the concepts already in place to create a truly immersive and engaging world with a distinct and unique feel as players move through the world"


"Building on existing efforts to establish brand awareness and gain followers for the launch of the game"

Story Engineer

"Improving the overall quality and immersion on the story to better engage players as they journey through the world, meet characters. And generally experience the world "

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