Alemanni - Rise of Germania

In Alemanni players can be residents of a settlement and rise to become the chieftain.

"The game is about the year 4 AD where germanic tribes were disconnected to the rest of western europe by a border built by the roman empire. Among those tribes there were the Marsers, Cheruskii, Markomannians and many more. In \u201cAlemanni\u201d you become a simple soul living among those tribal settlements. You either work and live as a hunter, farmer, carpenter, warrior or any of the other traits of the ancient days. You not only work on your own in a settlement among NPCs - no - \u201cAlemanni\u201d wants to fill every actor as a player controlled character. Your settlement chieftain therefore is a player. He manages the settlement. But he can't do properly without the help of the settling players and their craftsmanship.\r\n\r\n**\r\nPlanned Features\/Concepts**\r\n\r\n\r\n- Virtual social interaction (inspired by Crusader Kings III)\r\n-- Players acting \u201cirrational\u201d (trolls, etc.) will have to play with huge ingame debuffs if done too extensive\r\n-- Win the favor of other players and create a real reputation\r\n-- Face to Face Chats (No global chats)\r\n-- Players need to \u201capproach\u201d each other to engage in a conversation. There is no \u201cmeta\u201d chat.\r\n- Ingame chat mechanics will be enforced by allowing ingame mechanics\r\n-- Discord, Teamspeak, etc. will be useless to use as workaround\/alternative therefore\r\n- Very detailed and immersive crafting system (inspired by Wurm Online)\r\n-- Players will have to \u201cwork\u201d hard for every item they want to craft\r\n-- No \u201cinstant\u201d crafting. Everything takes time and the plausible amount of ingredients\/components\r\n- Servers will differ in terms of \u201ccombat resolution\u201d\r\n-- Classic\r\n--- Alemanni will provide an own text-based combat system (like Neo Scavenger or something like this)\r\n-- Mount and Blade: Bannerlord\r\n--- Depending on the \u201ccombat resolution\u201d server players can resolve their battles by the \u201cAlemanni\u201d Mount and Blade Mod (not in development yet)\r\n"

We're going to need...

Vue.js Developer

"The project is built with Vue.JS 2 and Vuetify. You don't have to be a total expert in but sure know how to aquire the needed knowledge if needed"

Kotlin/Java Developer

"The backend is written in Kotlin with Spring Boot. You should know how to read and write Kotlin code. Coming from Java even without any experience with Kotlin I am sure you can learn it yourself quickly"

Graphic Designer

"We need to have a nice and easy to understand UI for the game"

How we're getting along...

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    "This is where the fun begins. Introducing... \n#### **Alemanni - Rise of Germania** \nCreated by the awesome \u003Ca href=\u0022https:\/\/\/profile\/ygaNx8Dm\u0022\u003Exetra11\u003C\/a\u003E."

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