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Open-source is spreading in all industries, including sciences, banking, manufacturing and more. So why you still pay for M$ licenses?

"```\r\nGoal of this project is build packs (or stacks or bundles or whatever you want to call it) with open-source alternatives to traditional commercial software and apps.\r\n```\r\n```\r\nThis is the way how we can save a lot of money small and medium businesses. For example small company with 2 servers and 15 workstations up to $5500 could save by replacing Windowz with some Linux distributions.\r\n```\r\n```\r\nThere are so many possibilities and opportunities what to replace with open-source alternatives.\r\n```\r\n```\r\nIdea how to monetize this project is provide support and maybe cloud services.\r\n```\r\n```\r\nMore information via email **[email protected]**\r\n``` "

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"We are looking for open-source fans and skilled IT guys :)"

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