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"This is the full format of the app. The only piece we need now is a app developer and a few more courses to be featured??\r\n\r\nSign up \r\nName, email, age, profile picture\r\n18+ \r\nCan be under 18 but would have to have parent sign up as a cosign putting their birthday. This is because we encourage kids to learn but in the end if they wanted to make a business they would need their parents to sign on it. \r\n\r\nFooter \r\nCourses,Partners,Investors,Messages,Account \r\n\r\nCourse \r\nWithin course it would have a what's hot section of the trending courses \r\n The under that it would have collections list (agencies, dropshipping, affiliate,apps, real estate, etc.)\r\nWhen you click on a collection it brings you to the top course first which has everything the course offers but you can also buy each specific section of the course would add up more then just buying the full thing together\r\nLets you buy the courses \r\n\r\nPartners \r\nHas a page similar to that of the course page. This page has all the collections we have in the course section.\r\nInstead when you click on each it brings you to a forum where you can post, see post, like post, and comment.\r\nWhen you post it has to be approved so no one spams stuff like \u201cmessage me to make 500 this second!\u201d it has to be somewhat descriptive but doesn't have to give away idea. Would have to state requirement of partner and hint the amount of work, or what the partner could possibly be getting themselves into. \r\nPeople can then comment or direct message the person who posted looking for partners.\r\n\r\nInvestors\r\nSame thing as partners but for people looking for investors.Might host a weekly livestream where a team of investors listens to people pitching ideas over voice chat. \r\nAll same post requirements but has to include the amount of money you're looking for or what requirements the investor needs.\r\n\r\nMessages\r\nA normal direct messaging system like facebook \r\n\r\nAccount\r\nLets you see your account info, change your profile picture, access your courses you have bought, see the post you have, and a notification center. \r\nAlso has terms of service agreement, refund policy, and any other legal things. \r\nArea to buy our $10\/month membership for discounted courses and higher post rankings on investor page \r\n*So our money comes from selling courses on a large scale. Could always make more by having google adsense on our app if we\u2019d like or hosting shark tank episodes that cost a fee to pitch to investors. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n"

We're going to need...

iOS Developer

"This position will be developing a high quality app that contains all the features I listed in the description of the project. "

Web Developer
Android Developer

"This position will be developing the Android portion of our project. This app will feature all the sections I had in the project description. "


"This team of 3 will be working with me running YouTube ads, Google adwords,Instagram influencer ads, and Facebook ads. "

How we're getting along...

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