Bad habits

Imagine telling yourself you want to quit your bad habits but you can’t until you start to charge yourself to indulge in your bad habit

"Make a contract with yourself to become your best version.\r\n\r\nBy first acknowledging the problem you can now start to fix it.\r\n\r\nList your bad habits \r\n\r\nSet a price you\u2019d like to pay yourself as a tax for indulging in your bad habit\r\n\r\nAt the end of the month donate the money to a random person to pass on positive energy.\r\n\r\nRepeat each month until your tired of turning your bad habits into someone else\u2019s good fortune."

We're going to need...

Web Developer

"The basic coding needed to form a elegant website that is able to take payments. \nThe web developer will be able to add a section where people can have a discussion board. A page were people can take notes (audio, video) on how they feel in the moments before they indulge in their bad habits."


"Create a campaign for my idea bad habits "

Concept Artist

"How to make people want to become better through restricting them of their own bad habit "

How we're getting along...

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