Break Free

A prototype for the first fully conversational adventure game. You are stuck in an alien planet can you escape back to your ship alive?

"You are Allorie, or more specifically you are one of Allories' voices in her head. You talk to her, she talks back, some other voices quip in. Maybe this planet is driving you crazy or maybe they, the creatures, did this to you. No matter, you must get back to your ship. Will you escape this alien planet alive? \r\n\r\nThis aims to be a prototype for a classic \u0022point and click adventure game\u0022 but instead of pointing and clicking, it will be completely controlled with your voice. You speak to Allorie in full normal conversational voice and the technology (using something like Alexa\/Google assistant\/Siri) will talk back and react as expected.\r\n\r\nMy goal with this project would be to create a working prototype, maybe just 1 scene or whatever is required to deliver a simple adventure game puzzle. The prototype is a minimal piece of the whole adventure, but it should reflect a cinematic quality of the finished piece, have a good sounding custom voice recording of the main character and prove whether it could work as a full game. Beyond this we can launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the full game using the prototype as a key pitch piece.\r\n\r\nJoin me in exploring this adventure! \r\n\r\n* Update #1: Note that I have removed all \u0022production\u0022 jobs at the moment. I've decided to approach this phase as PRE-PRODUCTION phase, so right now I am only looking for writers, concept artists, storyboard artist. "

We're going to need...

Concept Artist
Sequential Artist (Storyboards)

"Prototyping in drawings or storyboards game play or short cinematic sequences."

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