The Apollo Project

The Apollo Project is a stealth action shooter using UE5. Use the world around you and your powers to survive on The Island.

"The Apollo Project is a near future, sci-fi Stealth Action game that ponders on the effects of inaction by political and corporate strife.\r\n\r\nThe lone pawn in a game of capitalism, you must fight against those seeking to create a paradise only for themselves while casting out all others to die from a disaster that is not theirs to burden. Each piece of the puzzle reveals the truth and how our world is much bigger than each other.\r\n\r\nSet in a world like ours (if our worst fears became true), The Apollo Project combines the stealth and tension of Metal Gear Solid with the power fantasy and over the top combat of Deathloop and Cyberpunk 2077."

We're going to need...

3D Artist

"Our ideal 3D artist will be proficient in using Blender and other open source programs to create high quality assets and materials \n\nResponsibilities include:\n\n\n1. Researching references and resources required to produce the assets of the game\n2. Sketching concept designs and key elements of the visual style\n3. Building 3D models of all assets in line with the technical limits of the game engine\n4. Applying textures to all visual elements\n5. Adding lighting and shading effects to all elements, ensuring consistency in color, intensity and lighting levels\n6. Working with 2D Artist on promo materials\n"

Game Designer

"The ideal Game Designer will be fluent and flexible with Unreal. Being able to assist with level design, UX design and other areas where gaps needs to be filled.\n\n\nResponsibilities include:\n1. 1. Conceptualize, implement, and maintain gameplay systems that achieve a fulfilling flow state, addictive game loops, and a risk\/reward balance\n2. Developing the storyline, character back-stories, and dialogue, through scripts and storyboards, including any relevant research\n3. Create and maintain comprehensive documentation (such as design outlines, diagrams, and visual mockups) that details the triggers, interactions, and subsequent events of specific features or aspects of gameplay\n4. Work closely with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designers to optimize the player interface\n5. Building levels and environments"

Level Designer

"\nResponsibilities include\n1. Create level layouts, hot spots, and points of interest (POIs) for players to explore according to the themes and lore of the game\n2. Iterate your levels through the full cycle of production from conception to finalization, maintaining and balancing the readability, difficulty, and accessibility of the levels for a positive player experience\n3. Prototype the environment, establish the layouts, and suggest ways of using the interactive and non-interactive elements to create the desired emotions\n4. As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced on the map (new gameplay, AI, sound, etc.)\n5. Develop solid design documentation for level progression (flow), layouts, and 3D block-outs for in-engine playtesting"

2D Artist

"2D Artist will collaborate with the 3D Artist on promo materials. In addition, they will iterate on various UI assets for the game."

Gameplay Engineer

"Responsibilities include:\n\n\n\n- Liaising with game designers and developers on the requirements and technical difficulties of the game\n- Researching and developing into the game engine options and best tools to apply to it \n- Creating procedures and production documents\n- Working to tight schedules and keeping to budget\n- Assisting animators and programmers in software efficiency\n- Enhancing the gameplay experience for users\n- Conducting testing for gameplay and user experience\n- Collaborating with all departments to smooth over technical issues, problem solve and create solutions during the production pipeline process\n- Responding to the technical needs of all departments\n- Working in teams towards common goals\n- Providing ongoing tech support after the game has been launched, working on upgrades to the game"

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