Starting A Business Without Capital

     Growing your small business or project can be tough, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to throw at it. You may ask how to grow a small business with no money, and I have the perfect answer for you… was built with the small business or project in mind. Crowdsourcer’s platform was made so you could finish your project, start your business, or expand your business with collaboration and profit sharing.


Starting A Business Without Capital


     This method allows you to get projects done without paying upfront for the work. Project Creators are allowed to post their projects or small businesses and collaborators can join your project to help you complete tasks that you need done.

     In exchange for their work, collaborators receive points that, at the end of the month, translate into a percentage of profit share. For example, if I receive 1 point of 100 I will be eligible to receive 1% of the profits at the end of the month. This allows Project Creators to grow and expand their projects and businesses, while the Collaborators can be compensated for their work.

     Collaboration and Profit Sharing are a great way for developers, entrepreneurs, and business minded people alike to get their businesses started and growing as fast as possible. See what current projects are on now and add your project to start growing!

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