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"Serial Entrepreneur"
"Marketing & Development, Finance.\n\nI created a casino game, Pick Em Blackjack as well as The 18 Bet (google them!) and sold the game a couple years ago. Since then I have been working on my own projects, from creating commando jeans (did not work out - happy to discuss) to creating a rideshare box for drivers to sell while driving (in process of selling to rideshare platforms, funjier.com) to investing in an axe throwing business (thunderboltchi.com). I have also published a book (you, You, YOU are the Philosopher) available exclusively on Amazon (I recommend the paperback [not the kindle], and helped numerous other businesses excel through consulting work. I am an MBA graduate from Emory University with a focus on finance and entrepreneurship. "

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Compete against friends to complete tasks to win cards. First team to win 5 cards, wins the game! Designed for EVERYTHING to be changed

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