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"I am a nerd. I code pretty much all day and all night, both at work and at home. I spend most of my time getting acquainted with new JS Frameworks such as Ember, as well as learning Javascript ES6 design patterns. Right now I am big into anything Node.js.\n\nI work for a company called Weblications. I am one of their primary Web Designer, and have created dozens of awesome, responsive sites from scratch, as well as redesigned and updated many more.\n\nI focus on having beautiful, efficient, and readable code. Each line of code has meaning, is as minimal as possible, and follows industry standards.\n\nIn my spare time, while not coding, I go to the gym, play guitar, and hang out with friends."
"Advanced Knowledge:\n- Java 8+\n- Javascript ES6, jQuery, Node.js, and Express\n- HTML5, Handlebars.js, Pug.js (Jade) and EJS\n- CSS3 and SASS\n- Webpack and Grunt\n\nGood Knowledge\n- PHP 5+, Wordpress, and XAMPP\/Apache\n- Kentico,\n\nSome Knowledge\n- Python and Ruby\n- Android\n- C++, C#, ASP.NET,"

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