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Created projects

  For sale is an alternative crowd sourcing platform based on creating or joining in on software related projects.

Everything Goes! The Game Where ANYTHING Can Happen!

Compete against friends to complete tasks to win cards. First team to win 5 cards, wins the game! Designed for EVERYTHING to be changed


MoonUnit is an arbitrage tool that makes juggling cryptocurrencies simpler by providing powerful automated trading tools.

Local Lawyer

Connect lawyers with other lawyers to make appearances in court.

Wardrobe Studio

Are you dressed your best? Use Wardrobe Studio: create your profile, chat with dress-bot, look your best at everywhere!

Tricolonization Coin

The best form of money to help make a sustainable lifestyle possible for everyone.

Scout Scanner

Scout Scanner is a mobile app where by football managers and coaches can search for desired players for their team in local areas.

The Pay Gap

An anonymous way to connect with peers and start open and honest conversations about salary. Empower yourself and get paid.

Animal Abuse Registry

The Animal Abuse Registry is a web-based search tool that allows you to search every animal abuse registry across America.


Mentorship allows young professionals and seasoned vets to connect and form apprenticeships in their industry.

Startable - Business Management Platform | Work Smarter

Startable is a Project Management, CRM & Invoicing Platform cleverly built on AI, designed for small businesses.

Everastecs (MMO)

Combat Building, Stat Resource Managing, Dark Fantasy. With a story that exceeds through multiple expansions. A original fantasy.

Felicity Toad

There will be characters, plot-twists and songs as Felicity must leave Lake Eden and enter the unknown forests beyond!

PI - Private Eye

A top-down detective game set in an alternate history 1920s/30s America. Powered by UE 4, looking for level designers/artists

The Drumbeat Belly - A Modern Mythology in Comic Form

This project is akin to 'Hellboy', plus 'Rising Stars' on acid! It follows a demonic genetic legacy, from conception to its death.


Decka allows non-designers to create stunning, client-ready presentations in minutes.

Trivia Dare

A pass-and-play game perfect for parties that combines the timeless game “truth or dare” with popular trivia games.

The Phantoms of Mary

A graphic novel inspired by the brilliant works of Edward Gorey, Edgar Allan Poe, and Tim Burton.

Entrepreneur Hub

A hub for all new entrepreneurs to learn develop and perform.

CR Bikini

CR Bikini is dedicated to making women feel comfortable in their bodies. We bring swimwear that women love and feel comfortable in.

Personal Email Finder

Personal Email Finder lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.

The Franchise

Tycoon-style game where users build their very own world-class dodgeball team!

Daft Jump

Daft Jump a new action platformer game that adds a new dimension of sweet difficulty to the auto-runner platformer genre.

Break Free

A prototype for the first fully conversational adventure game. You are stuck in an alien planet can you escape back to your ship alive?

GameRickster's Minimalistic Video Games

Minimalistic Video Games - Relax and Play!

Seed: The Renaissance Project

This is an awesome sci fi game concept, with epic potential and scope, that deserves to be made into an incredible 3D game!

The Standing, A FPS Horror Game

The Standing Is a FPS horror game based in 2055where a outbreak of a virus Kills 85% of the population.

Survival Horror

This is going to be a Multiplayer, Open World, Survival, Horror game where you get stuck on an island with up to 8 people.

Duel Revolution

Duel Revolution is a free-to-play monster catching game for mobile and desktop!

Humanity game project

Humanity is a puzzle based exploration game. Instead of exploring the world you explore plot events and the psyche's of those involved.

Wild Origin

A Frontier Planet - Exploration/Puzzle game series. Explore an uncharted world, experiencing things you can't in your day-to-day life.

Project Blue

An ARPG for iOS and Android that will showcase expansions and only have cosmetic in-app purchases.

Atrima Sector - 2D shooter and building game in space

Top down shooter and builder based in space where you use a miniship and also build a space colony in a persistant world MMO.


IsoLock is a 3D isometric strategy game where players search for clues from a crime scene in order to find the suspect and arrest them.

Atana Chronicles: The Great Lords

Atana Chronicles: The Great Lords is 4X strategy game, with elements of grand strategy, turn-based tactics, RPG and political system.


Sidescrolling combat dueller which combines Nidhogg's face-offs with Mount & Blade's melee combat

  For sale


Urlooker is a service for monitoring web pages. Just select a page area, and you'll receive a notification.

  For sale

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

Enter the mind of a suspected killer and face horrors buried deep within their psyche.

  For sale

In Memory of TITAN

In memory of TITAN is a Roguelite, Tactical, Turn-Based, Real-time Strategy Action Packed Space Opera blend; we call it RAPSO!


Readlax: #1 Brain Fitness for Speed Reading. Games and Chrome Extension

Good Boy!

PC/Mobile arcade game about why dogs are often considered the best possible friends for a human.

Star Nexus

Star Nexus, a cross-platform space shooter adventure game.

Invasion of the Androids

This is a game where a malicious virus is infecting technology and you and your team members will help to take back our gadgets.

The Adventures of Dr. Richards: The mysterious Key

The Adventures of Dr. Richards is a point and click adventure - mystery game where you play at Dr. Richards - a historian.


Astroworks is a story-driven 3d fast-paced arcade space combat action game.

Devil's Punishment

Sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D FPS game where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility.


a fun new way to poll with friends


EverBlade is a Isometrical Open World RPG being developed on the Unity game engine

Space Fleet

Space combat and fleet-building sandbox

Prodigy:online podcast-chat

Talk about prodigy and it's free to every prodigy player.

Universal Games

The app of all game for all ages


Het is een spel waar je moet ontsnappen van een gevaarlijke familie!

Life path

Your life's path is your choice why wait. You have categories describing who you are then your story begans

Shirogane Chronicles

A new 2d story based game


Unleash your feelings to the World.

La Private

Growtopia private server official.

Battle bots

game build to battle bots show motives in the game the player will be able to upgrade their bots and play against the other players

A Devil's Playground

A short horror-adventure experience based on found-footage films that aims to bring unique horror while still feeling familiar.

Strong Man

Strong man chase or be chased this is the ultimate game of strategy to outwit your opponent (computer or another player)

ShadowCircuit: Ioda

A horror sci-fi visual novel that's definitely NSFW. Looks to explore mental disorder and loss.


Farmers markets like you've never seen them before.

The Adventure

This is first game of F_Corporation “THE ADVENTURE” Instagram:f__corporation

Pirate simulator

It's the first of january, in the year 1622. You wake up and look around. But all you see, is sea.

The Pixel RPG

A game where you can adventure the RPG in pixel! There is no quest, but to survive!

Project firearms

Kill everyone in our different game modes and try and not die. You can buy gems to unlock new guns, power ups and outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Creation is a game where you can decide the out come of a civilization by choosing how you're people will act and evolve.

My amazing beauty salon

My beauty service is one click away! <3


DSTEd - IDE for Don't Starve Together

The Lost Pharaoh

The lost pharaoh is a 3d action arena survival game for mobile.

Agency tools

Agency tools is a software that helps agencies find businesses across the US and contact them via email, call or fb message. And more!

Fitness app

I made myself this fitness app available for androod and I'm searching for people who want to join my în developing this app further


Secured GSM Calls Made Easy


Yami is a multiplayer, MetroidVania, adventure game, focusing on puzzle-based discovery through the usage of platforming, portals.

Pyjamas( booking application)

Its a single platform to book places for parties , marriages , events and biggest of functions .

Game Tag VR

Is a game in 1 person online. The game tries to imitate the scenario of the old game laser tag, but this time in virtual reality.


Speechr is a collaborative design and development tool for easy and organised game development.

Evolve a turn-based strategy game

The game will be a turn-based strategy game with evolutions mechanics of your species.

Arrrchipelago: Island Defence

Grow and defend your territory across a chain of islands against other players and waves of attacking pirates.

Space Shooter (working title)

Space Shooter with items

[Abandoned] Lulu Grey: The Flower Festival

Lulu Grey has recently moved to Portcast High and is looking for a date to the Flower Festival. Can she find one in time?

Ike's Axe

A 2D run, jump and axe-throw-em adventure platformer for PC and Android.


A side-scrolling open-world 2D adventure medieval combat video game.

Steel Heroes

Revolutionize wargaming through touch interface in a massively multiplayer mobile app.


Experience enhanced realism. Immersive sounds effects. Every action is calculated risk. Enhanced multiplayer experience.

Azur no Owari Visual Novel/RPG Project

She remembers nothing but her own name and wanders the endless forest of the fairies. Meeting others, this band rebels the unreality.


Muniy is a Neo-bank that is focusing on helping the unbanked become banked.


An action game about top secret classified missions which are actually connected . The guy will have to defeat them all !

Dumbdown. An alternative to Markdown.

Dumbdown is the simple replacement for markdown. The keyword for title is title :). No unpronounceable syntax. Tables are easy.


Burst monsters into seeds becoming plants in the action packed combat farming universe of "Cede".


Random knowledge, every day.

Play | You like, We play

An android app where user liked songs on a platform like Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Saavn & play on "Play" app anywhere, anytime


Instant-Todos is an web app to make everyone life easier by simply organzing the daily to daily tasks in a smooth manner.


Helping kids learn science to worksheets


Provide Whatsapp like help desk support chat system for companies allowing fast convenient asynchronous communication.

[Abandoned] Once Told Never Forgotten

This game is the replacement to Alesia's Story Portcast High. The fifth grader, Alesia Pemain is looking for a partner.

Sens Podcast

Podcast for Mongolian millenials

Scope Nine

ScopeNine is a platformer/rpg - you are a ninth gen android, charged with disabling the previous eight generations of android.

Chess Hyper Royale

Chess Hyper Royale is a battle royale where 128 players play Chess simultaneously, taking each other out until one player remains.

Rift One

A First Person shooter where you, mark maxin get stranded on a alien planet and must fight to escape.


FPS game that takes place in the Vietnam War. Both singleplayer and muliplayer

SCP Project

This project is based on the SCP Foundation community


Sandvox is a physics sandbox. You spawn objects and what you build, create, make... that's up to you!

Wheeel messenger

Multi-functional MESSENGER for cars and passengers based on the CAR PLATE + crypto currency & mining on-the-go?!


AAA done differently.


redesigning UI and creating a mobile word game called SuperWords

Kings Of All

Play online against other players. Grow, get stronger, beat everyone else and be the best!


Run faster than your freands

Remote Planner

The definitive To-Do list for freelancers and remote workers. Scheduling your projects, use Pomodoro time, and convert time zones.

Poly Loop

Low poly Adventure indie game for android and pc

Project Cyber Gladiator

Frantic top-down arena shooter that takes place inside of a cyberpunk military training simulacrum

Puppy Power!

a Cute collectors game to play whenever or wherever you go!

Nightmare's Nights Free Roam

we.. are... here.......

Crystals the game arcade edition

You have a powerful stone that gives you powers! Protect it with all of your powers! Based on the comic by! Arcade game

Trion Flux

Chat Mapper dev making new single-player sci-fi adventure with epic story, team building, resource management, and tile-based minigames

Adopt Me 2.0

Its Adopt me 2.0 (from roblox)

Open interest analytics to track the institutional traders positions in stock markets

Papa Pear Saga 2

It's a Papa Fiesta! Bounce your way through this unique puzzle game.

Car fuses

Identify correct car fuses

Angel Order

Use the light to recruit angels to your order. Destroy shadows. Unlock the map and merge obejcts together to create your world.

Green Paladin

The game will take you on an adventure through majestic landscapes fighting and eliminating bosses and enemies as a paladin in green.


The chosen have been granted mysterious powers by a global meteor strike. Monsters linger in the darkness. It's time to fight back.


Explore the world and do whatever you want. Travel extraordinary places and get the job of your dreams!



ChinaTown Shootout 3D

Join the new mulitplayer FPS game and battle your friends, family anyone! Create servers of your own or join friends. Play now!

Weight Train

Help a man on his journey of avoiding bad foods and eating healthy foods. Help him become shredded by making the right decisions!

Mobile Shooter

In this action packed game we have to take out the gangs in town using earned guns to take them out!


Do you want to have some real fun? Then what are you wating for? Play StrawRapptor an RPG Game sure to make you smile.


Sploof is a 3D game previewing survival


short time made game for school AK BB


Play this very nice game! Its promoted by Fortnite!

Befriending Simulator

A Game About Befriending People And Hopefully Not Making Enemies

Kombat Kings

Be the first Kombat King upgrading your character with swords and powers

OTA - VR Sci Fi Multiplayer

OTA will be a VR Sci-Fi multiplayer game where we have allot of good ideas and we know what we want to do.


play on countless games! create ur imagination and lay with friends! make cool games and just...HaVe FuN!


fijn actief flash spel met een nice map veel actie en freeroaming


Ignite the guns. Destroy the enemies.

Prison Escape

This Game is about Escaping a prison

Shadow Guide

Shadow Guide is a game about a little shadowy figure called Shade as you follow him on his adventure in a big scary corrupt world

anime's battle

vorrei creare un gioco MOBA ma con tutti i personaggi anime

Sword Paint

Welcome to my first MMO RPG i hope you enjoy this adventures game!! PS it's my first game so don't hate.

Comedy Youtube Video Series

Funny cartoon video series


Runeblight is a retro, multiplayer FPS set in a gruesome world.


RED1X.COM | Free portfolio | Models, photographers and industry members are invited to join !


A game where you trick-or-treat f& play hide & seek with ghosts who give ya berries. Then you make pie!

Discordian Tales

Discordian Tales is a 2D role playing adventure game in the JRPG style set in an exciting and expansive modern/medieval world.


Covvisa virtually seals off coronavirus by stopping spread and promoting good health and safety habits for people and places.


Elementa is a 2D platformer where the player can harness fire, water, or metal as they try to reach the end as quickly as possible!

Beat, loot, repeat

A roguelite ARPG with a heavy focus on combat, character classes and builds.

Alemanni - Rise of Germania

In Alemanni players can be residents of a settlement and rise to become the chieftain.

Dream City Classified - Survival Code: Adventure

This project is the "DEMO" of the Survival Code Adventure game. It's Code Vein + Zelda + Ico

Bravest Burden

Coop Action-RPG where you need to protect the light. Players can toss the light around during combat for visibility or to protect it

Developing Hyper Casual Mobile Games

Targeting Hyper Casual Games Market | Open-Source Alternatives for Business

Open-source is spreading in all industries, including sciences, banking, manufacturing and more. So why you still pay for M$ licenses?


With Asclepius, we want to provide affordable expert medical advice to people all over the world.


Music streaming app for entertainment

Deaths Descent

The project will feature a top-down camera, turn-based combat and free-roaming exploration. Fight for resources, loot and survive.

Star Blitz X - Demo

Star Blitz X is a 3-D first person shooter that’s homage of the 1980's arcade shooter genre.

Coding Platform

This project will be a combination of AI, ML, Web Development as well as Competitive Programming

Fantasy Life

A Minecraft graphic inspired modern city where players can buy a house, start his own business and play a lot of activities on the city

Partygod Reviews

A website aimed at creating more engaging and relevant real time reviews, critique and ratings of websites, articles and media.


An app that connects logging industry to timber product user.

Project Prion

A fantasy world where you take the place of an alien civilian, who's world is being taking over, and mutated by an unknown source!

fort apocalypse reloaded

A Modern adaptation of an old classic

Battlefield 2042 Parody | J&D Game Rex YouTube Channel

3D Animated Battlefield 2042 Parody | J&D Game Rex YouTube Channel

Jogo de Terror (titulo provisório)

Este é um jogo 3D do gênero terror de sobrevivência (survival horror) que está planejado para ser lançado na Steam ainda este ano.

The Travel Journal

Looking for a writer with a bit of coding knowledge (Enums and Integers) for a text-based story driven game.

statistical data visualization website

A fun website for plotting statistical dataset

Cuboidal Drift

Cuboidal Drift is a casual and fun game! Looking for Unity Game Devs.

Lux Nova

Explore an entirely new world, in Lux Nova, a action-adventure game in pre-production.

LÖVE Trees

To create a graphical editor for developers to create, edit and visualise a tree structure for their projects.

Duas Irmãs (Título provisório)

Um jogo de plataforma 2D baseado em Hollow Knight, Celeste e To The Moon!

Ball-Z Arena

Ball-Z is an Arena FPS with inspiration from both Unreal Tournament and Quake 3.


An immersive, survival, first person shooter that incorporates popular features from MMO-RPGs.

Bad habits

Imagine telling yourself you want to quit your bad habits but you can’t until you start to charge yourself to indulge in your bad habit

Project Chronicle

A Touhou&SCP secondary creation game project


Awesome martial art teaching app

Say the right words to your loved ones

I hope this little app can help people to tell words of love. Because they need this and we can forget about it sometimes.

Figma Section

It's a figma plugin, about sections

The Apollo Project

The Apollo Project is a stealth action shooter using UE5. Use the world around you and your powers to survive on The Island.

Project Neptune

Project Neptune is a high octane stunt racing game. set in a scifi universe.

Tales of Yui

A 2D side-scroller action beat them up—about a girl in a corrupt and hostile world with unknown powers to protect herself and get home.

Modern Age 2 MOD APK - Free Shopping

The goal of Modern Age 2 Mod Apk is to make you feel like a president, governing large countries and participating in territorial.

Cryptoback Mobile App

Earn crypto for all your purchases using a linked debit/credit card

Zombie Apocalypse: City Builder

A building and managing city game in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Failed Project

This project is no longer available.


E-Sport betting platform. Currently, focusing on Dota 2.



3D Adventure Game with Open World Multiplayer

This is a 3d Nintendo style adventure game. You jump on enemies to defeat them.

Project Arogar a Turn-Based ARPG

Rògh, exiled Zorko heir, battles gods and family's dark legacy, becoming the God of the Mountains in a quest for redemption and hope.

Horror Game for Steam

Horror game idea for steam which could be a singleplayer or also multiplayer


A multiplayer FPS set on the moon in an alternate 1980's

Runic Rush (Working Title)

A 2048 inspired roguelike strategy game

Elemental Era

E.E. is an elemental ability/technology themed, open world procedurally generated, survival game, with hack/slash combat mechanics.

Network theory: Social Gravity

Our project merges social theories & computational algorithms to analyze online human behavior, revolutionizing various fields.

Project Isis

Open world 2D action metroidvania with skill based levelling system, ability/item creation system, and multiple endings.

Play the Dots and Boxes Game

If you want a really easy game that you can play anywhere you go, Dots and Boxes is the perfect way to beat boredom.

Elemental Tech Survival with Hack/Slash Combat

Inspired by "Avatar" and "Castle Crashers," E.E. features elemental tech, procedural worlds, and combat from "Dark Souls" and "Tekken."


2D Isometric Pixel Art Game, primarily focused on gameplay and story.

We want your ideas & bug reports!